Consider standing for the UniSaver board

As a UniSaver member, you have direct representation on the Board of UniSaver Limited, the scheme’s manager and trustee. We call for nominations every 3 years for two member-elected directors. An election is held if we receive more than two nominations. Please consider putting your name forward if you believe you have the skills required to contribute to the running of the scheme at Board level. Each nominee must be endorsed by seven scheme members. Nominations close on Friday 10 May. You can download a nomination form here [PDF, 72 KB].

Director role rewarding and valuable

We spoke to Carolyn Dimond, Chief Financial Officer at Massey University, about the experience of serving on the UniSaver Board. Carolyn is stepping down after 9 years as a member-elected director. She has welcomed the opportunity to engage with members about the benefits of belonging to the scheme. “It’s been gratifying to play a part in making improvements to UniSaver such as introducing new benefits and the changes that have made it possible for more fixed-term staff to participate in the scheme.” She says the experience has also benefited her professionally. “For a senior leader in any organisation, to have a blend of management and governance experience is invaluable for your career,” she says.

Member-elected director and Associate Professor of Finance at Victoria University of Wellington Toby Daglish has also found the experience rewarding. “The role of director is interesting. It’s an opportunity to be involved in discussions about things that have a real impact on members, such as investment strategy design and development” he says. “As a bonus, I’ve found the role also useful for examples and focus in teaching such as in my ‘introduction to investments’ class.”