Manage your account online

Sign in to the secure part of our website to get detailed information about your account or to update your details and preferences.

Get a new PIN

You need your member number and PIN to sign in. Call the helpline if you’ve forgotten your PIN. If you have an email address registered with UniSaver, you can change your PIN by signing in and selecting ‘Reset your PIN’.

Update your details

You can check and update the details we have on record for you any time. Just sign in and follow the instructions on the ‘Personal details’ page. Use form 1 change member details [PDF, 59 KB] if you need to make a change that requires certification (e.g. change of name).

Change your investment choice

You can change your investment choice online at any time. You can also phone the helpline or complete form 2 change investment options [PDF, 96 KB]. Your change will take effect within a few business days. There is no charge the first time you change your investment choice each calendar year. A fee applies for subsequent changes to your current account balances.

Join the locked section

You may have elected to join the standard section only when you signed up to UniSaver. You can join the locked section at any point so long as you meet the eligibility criteria. The locked section provides government contributions in exchange for locking in contributions in the same way as KiwiSaver. As long as your contribute at least $1,042.86 per year to the locked section, you will receive an extra $521.43 each year from the government. Government contributions are only made up to age 65. The benefits are determined by the government, so these may change in the future. 

To join the locked section, you need to be:

  • a New Zealand citizen or entitled to live in New Zealand indefinitely
  • aged 18 years or over.

You generally won’t be able to access your savings in the locked section until the date you would ordinarily qualify for New Zealand Superannuation (currently age 65).

Join the locked section by completing form 1 change member details [PDF, 59 KB]. Send it to your HR/payroll representative or superannuation officer.

Changing employers

Complete form 6 change of employer [PDF, 73 KB] if you are moving from one participating employer to another.

Leave of absence

If you go on a leave of absence, your super contributions will stop when your pay stops. However, you can still get the benefit of some or all of your super contribution entitlements while you’re away. The rules are quite specific in order to comply with UniSaver’s exemption from the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009.

We can accept member contributions to cover an approved leave of absence if:

  • the rate or frequency of your contributions does not exceed the rate or frequency of the contributions you were making immediately before going on leave
  • UniSaver’s administrator (Mercer) collects these contributions.

You can pay the contributions you would have paid during your absence as regular payments while you’re away. You need to arrange this before you go on leave. The amount and frequency of contributions must be the same as you were paying immediately before going on leave. You can’t alter the contribution amount, but you can stop payments at any time.

Check your most recent payslip or talk to your HR/Payroll representative to work out how much you need to pay and complete section 3 of form 4 stop or restart contributions [PDF, 115 KB].

Your employer will not make any contributions to UniSaver while you are on a leave of absence.

Changing contributions

Complete form 3 change contributions [PDF, 76 KB] if you:

  • want to increase or decrease your contributions to the scheme
  • are moving from a fixed-term role to a permanent role (or vice versa) and need or want to stop/start contributions to the standard/locked sections
  • need to increase your minimum contribution from 3% to 4% because your employer is no longer contributing to UniSaver on your behalf.

Stop/restart contributions

Complete form 4 stop or restart contributions [PDF, 115 KB] if you want to:

  • stop contributions indefinitely (only applies if you joined before 1 July 2007 and don’t belong to the locked section)
  • take a savings suspension or restart contributions following a savings suspension
  • take a savings suspension from the locked section only and redirect those contributions to the standard section
  • stop contributions or arrange for contributions to continue during a leave of absence of more than 3 months (see 'leave of absence' above).

Retained member rejoining as a contributing member

You can restart contributions to UniSaver if you are a retained member who subsequently takes up a role with your previous or another participating employer. Complete form 15 retained member – restart contributions [PDF, 119 KB]. See 'Restarting contributions' on the retained membership page for more information.

Options for members aged 65+

From age 65, you can withdraw some or all of your savings in the standard and locked sections of UniSaver. Use form 10 in-service withdrawal [PDF, 86 KB]. Some universities stop contributing on behalf of members from age 65. Use form 4 stop or restart contributions [PDF, 115 KB] if, at this point, you want to stop your own contributions to the scheme. While you can stop contributions at any age and withdraw your funds from age 65, you cannot actually withdraw from the scheme until you leave work. At that point, you can exit the scheme by completing form 12 leaving form [PDF, 121 KB]. One further point. If you choose to continue contributing to the scheme, your minimum contribution increases from 3 to 4% if your employer is no longer contributing on your behalf. Increase your contributions if you need to using form 3 change contributions [external link].