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UniSaver combines all the benefits of a modern retirement savings plan with a generous employer subsidy of up to 6.75% of salary for most members. It ticks along in the background, helping to build your financial future while you get on with your career.

A flexible approach to saving

UniSaver is split into two sections, each with different rules and benefits.

Standard section

Locked section

Contributions to this section don’t qualify for government contributions.

You can access your savings in this section if you leave your employer.

Contributions to this section may qualify for government contributions up to $521.43 a year.

You generally won’t be able to access your savings in this section until you qualify for New Zealand Superannuation (currently age 65).

Permanent employees

All permanent part-time or full-time staff can join. If you’re a permanent employee, you can join the standard section and/or the locked section. However, to join the locked section, you need to meet age and citizenship criteria (see ‘things to know’ below). You can have a portion of your savings in the locked section so you earn government contributions and the rest in the standard section.

Fixed-term employees

Fixed-term staff can join if any of the following applies:

  • You have 9 months or more remaining on your employment term.
  • You have been employed by any participating employer for at least 12 of the past 18 months and you have 6 months or more remaining on your employment term.
  • You are an existing member re-employed on a fixed-term contract of any duration (see ‘existing members’ below).

If you are a fixed-term employee, you can only contribute to the locked section. You must meet age and citizenship criteria (see ‘things to know’ below).

Membership is portable. You can continue to contribute if you move to another participating employer. You may be able to leave your savings invested in UniSaver if you leave the university sector or move overseas.

Total remuneration agreements

If you are employed under a total remuneration agreement entered into after 13 December 2007, it is possible that any employer contributions may (with our consent) be paid from, not on top of, your salary. Talk to your manager or HR/payroll representative about your options if you are on a total remuneration agreement.

Things to know

  • To join the locked section, you need to be:
    • aged 18 or over, and
    • a New Zealand citizen or entitled to live in New Zealand indefinitely.
  • You must contribute a minimum of 3% of your salary. The minimum contribution increases to 4% if your employer is not contributing on your behalf for any reason.
  • Your employer will contribute 1.35 times your contributions up to a maximum of 6.75%. You need to contribute 5% of your salary to gain the maximum employer subsidy.
  • Employer contributions are subject to Employer Superannuation Contribution Tax.

Before you get started

Need help?

Check you are eligible to join

Check your employment agreement. Talk to HR/payroll about your options if you are on a total remuneration agreement.

Read the UniSaver product disclosure statement

Choose which investment option(s) you’d like your savings invested in

Read about your investment options.

Use our risk profiler. Answer 5 easy questions. The risk profiler will match your score investment option that matches best.

Have your IRD number handy if you’re joining the locked section

You can find it on your payslip or by calling Inland Revenue on 0800 227 774.

Start your application now [PDF, 125 KB]

Download the membership application form. The form is set up as an autofill form. You will need to save the form to your desktop to be able to use the autofill function. Send the completed form to your employer to complete its section (see details below).

Send form to


University of Auckland, Auckland UniServices Limited


Submit a request via the Staff Service Centre.

Waikato University

People and Capability

Sign in to your account at and upload the form under ‘document records’.

Massey University

People and Culture

Please raise a ticket in AskUs via this link and attach the form.

Victoria University of Wellington, Victoria Link Limited t/a Wellington UniVentures, Wellington Uni-Professional Limited


Submit a Payroll Service Request located in the Staff Service Centre.

University of Canterbury


Email the form to

Lincoln University, Lincoln Hospitality Limited, Lincoln Agritech Limited


Email the form to

University of Otago

HR Superannuation Team

Email the form to

Universities New Zealand, Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities

Email the form to

Existing members

You don’t need to complete a membership application if you are already a member of UniSaver.