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Membership of UniSaver is open to employees of University of Auckland, Auckland UniServices Limited, University of Waikato, Massey University, Massey Ventures, Victoria University of Wellington, Victoria Link Limited t/a Wellington UniVentures, Wellington Uni-Professional Limited, University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, Lincoln Hospitality Limited, Lincoln Agritech Limited, University of Otago, Universities New Zealand and the Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities.

Total remuneration agreements

If you are employed under a total remuneration agreement entered into after 13 December 2007, it is possible that any employer contributions may (with the trustee’s consent) be paid from, not on top of, your salary. Talk to your manager or HR/payroll representative about your options if you are on a total remuneration agreement.

 In order to join, you will need to meet a few specific eligibility criteria.

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