Who gets your money if you die?

We will pay your benefit to your legal personal representative(s) if you die while you are an active member of UniSaver or while you are entitled to a deferred benefit from the scheme. ‘Personal representative’ means the person(s) granted probate (where the deceased left a will) or letters of administration (where the deceased did not leave a will). Having a valid will makes sure your savings are distributed as you would wish and makes things easier on the people you leave behind by. You can either use a lawyer or a professional trustee company or use a DIY online service to write a will yourself. The MoneyHub website has an excellent guide that explains the pros and cons of each option. The guide is written in plain English and packed with good information. While you’re getting your affairs sorted, you might also want to set up enduring powers of attorney for property and personal care and welfare. Again, MoneyHub has a useful guide.