Eligibility questionnaire

Answer a series of questions to see if you're eligible to join UniSaver and whether you can join the standard or locked section or both. Check your eligibility.

UniSaver vs KiwiSaver Calculator

Compare annual savings in UniSaver against KiwiSaver using our UniSaver vs KiwiSaver calculator - look for the link on the homepage.

Risk profiler

Answer 5 easy questions to better understand how your approach to risk translates to different investment options. Access the risk profiler [external link].

Personal retirement planner

The personal retirement planner is an online tool you can use to estimate your retirement income. To use the planner:

Retirement planning guide

This retirement planning guide [PDF, 617 KB] was published by the Financial Services Council in July 2023. It's a useful starting point to help get you thinking about how you might provide for your income in retirement.


A glossary of superannuation and investment terms.