UniSaver investments in Russia

Updated 21 April 2022

UniSaver assets are invested in a range of Russell Investments funds. These funds follow the industry standard benchmarks for global funds across developed and emerging markets, of which Russia is a component. At 4 March 2022, UniSaver held investments in Russian securities with an estimated book value of $235,000, representing 0.0167% of UniSaver’s total assets. However, with the Russian stock market currently inaccessible to foreign investors, there is no way of accurately valuing these assets. Russell Investments has taken the prudent step of writing down UniSaver’s holdings in these securities to zero. We will divest from these assets when liquidity returns to the market. Russell Investments has confirmed that it is complying fully with the wide range of sanctions that have been implemented globally and will not make any new investments in Russia or Belarus for the foreseeable future.