Soft, hard or no landing? See where the U.S. economy may be headed

Update from Russell Investments, UniSaver’s investment manager and consultant

The key question of the year has been whether the U.S. economy is headed toward a soft-landing, hard-landing, or no-landing scenario—and a clear answer has yet to emerge. As 2024 reaches the halfway point, we see plausible reasons why any of these scenarios could occur.

Read the just-posted 2024 Global Market Outlook – Q3 update [external link] with Russell Investments’ strategists’ market expectations for the months ahead.


  • Soft landing more likely for U.S. economy, but recession risks remain 
  • Bank of England & US Federal Reserve could start cutting rates soon 
  • Broadly neutral view on equities, with a focus on stock selection
  • Brightening economic outlook for eurozone economies
  • Government bonds look attractively valued.