How it works

UniSaver is a registered superannuation scheme sponsored by participating universities and associated organisations throughout New Zealand. 


Two ways to save

UniSaver is split into two sections – the standard section and the locked section, which works much like KiwiSaver. Permanent employees can choose to contribute to the standard section and/or the locked section. However, to join the locked section they must meet age and citizenship criteria. Fixed-term employees are only eligible to join the locked section. Again, they must meet age and citizenship criteria.


Find out more

Our UniSaver vs KiwiSaver calculator is an easy way to compare the savings options open to you. Enter a few details and the calculator will work out your total annual contributions, including your contributions and any employer contributions and member tax credits you might be eligible for.

Use it to compare your options within UniSaver and between UniSaver and KiwiSaver.


More information

Join the locked section

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