Participating employers

Membership is available to eligible permanent and fixed-term employees of: 

Can I join UniSaver?

You are eligible to join UniSaver if you are a permanent part-time or full-time employee of a participating employer. You may also be able to join if you are a fixed-term employee. Fixed-term employees can only participate in UniSaver’s locked section.

Use this diagram to see if you can join UniSaver.


Employer contributions and your membership category

Use the following diagram to work out what employer contributions you are eligible to receive in addition to your own contributions to UniSaver and whether you are a category A member or a category B member. This will affect your contribution options.


The employer subsidy of 1.35 times your contributions up to 6.75% of salary applies to eligible permanent and fixed-term employees. Different employer contribution rates can be agreed between you, your employer and the trustee. Your employer may continue to contribute on your behalf from age 65 at its discretion. 

Total remuneration agreements

If you are employed under a total remuneration agreement entered into after 13 December 2007, it is possible that any employer contributions may (with the trustee's consent) be paid from, not on top of, your salary. Talk to your manager, HR/payroll representative or superannuation officer about your options if you are on a total remuneration agreement.

Need help?

Talk to your manager, HR/payroll representative or superannuation officer if you have questions about your eligibility to join UniSaver or to receive employer contributions.



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