Category B membership

Very occasionally, an employee will join UniSaver as a category B member because their employer is already contributing, or required to contribute, to another superannuation scheme on their behalf. For example, you might be a member of the Government Superannuation Fund (GSF). While you won't qualify for an employer subsidy, you are able to enjoy the other benefits of belonging to UniSaver. This may include KiwiSaver compulsory employer contributions equal to 3% of your salary if you join UniSaver's locked section.

Joining the locked section

UniSaver is split into two sections – the standard section and the locked section, which works much like KiwiSaver. The locked section is a complying superannuation fund, which means it can offer some KiwiSaver benefits because it complies with rules like KiwiSaver. To join the locked section, you need to be:

The locked section provides government contributions in exchange for locking in contributions in the same way as KiwiSaver (generally to age 65). As long as your contribute at least $1,042.86 per year to the locked section, you will receive an extra $521.43 each year from the government. Government contributions are only made up to age 65. The benefits are determined by the government, so these may change in the future.

Your employer doesn’t contribute to your savings in the standard section if you’re a category B member. However, they will contribute compulsory KiwiSaver employer contributions of 3% of salary to your savings in the locked section if they are not already contributing to KiwiSaver for you. That’s extra money in addition to the government contribution.

Here's an example:

Cat. B member tile
Assumptions: Permanent employee on salary of $60,000 contributing 5% of salary. Category B member. Minimum member and KiwiSaver compulsory employer contributions of 3% to locked section with balance paid to standard accounts. Employer superannuation contribution tax 30%.

Contribution options

Here are the contribution options for category B members.

Permanent employees

Fixed-term employees

For the purposes of UniSaver, salary is your remuneration from your employer, excluding overtime, bonuses, penal payments or other allowances.

Change your contributions

You can change your regular contributions from your salary at any time subject to the minimum contribution rates set out here. To change your contributions, complete a Change contributions form and send it to your HR/payroll representative or superannuation officer. If you’re a permanent employee contributing to UniSaver’s standard section only, you can also use this form to join the locked section.


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