Regular contributions

How much you and your employer are required to contribute to UniSaver depends on your employment arrangement and whether you are contributing to one section of UniSaver or both.

Most people join the scheme as what's called a category A member. Category A members are eligible for employer contributions up to 6.75% of salary. However, this may be reduced by the percentage of salary they contribute to your KiwiSaver scheme if you have one. 

Also, different employer contribution rates can be agreed between you and your employer.

Very occasionally, employees join as a category B member, usually because their employer is already contributing to a scheme on their behalf such as the GSF. Read more about category B membership.

Contribution options

Here are the contribution options for category A members.

Permanent employees

Fixed-term employees

For the purposes of UniSaver, salary is your remuneration from your employer, excluding overtime, bonuses, penal payments or other allowances.

Change your contributions

You can change your regular contributions from your salary at any time subject to the minimum contribution rates set out here. To change your contributions, complete a Change member details form and send it to your HR/payroll representative or superannuation officer. If you’re a permanent employee contributing to UniSaver’s standard section only, you can also use this form to join the locked section.


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