Documents and forms

Application pack

Product disclosure statement (235 KB)

Your Choices (131 KB)


Annual Reports

UniSaver annual report 2016 (128KB)

UniSaver annual report 2015 (918KB)

UniSaver annual report 2014 (225KB)


Fund updates

Fund update 2016 - Growth (313KB)

Fund update 2016 - Balanced (261KB)

Fund update 2016 - Conservative (222KB)

Fund update 2016 - Cash (203KB)



Introducing UniSaver (81 KB)

Your Choices (131 KB)


Member forms

UNI2 Change Investment Options form (123 KB)

UNI3 Change of Member Details form (123 KB)

UNI4 Change Locked Contributions form (128 KB)

UNI5 Voluntary Contribution form (143 KB)

UNI6 Change of Employer form (106 KB)

UNI7 First Home Withdrawal form (236 KB)

UNI8 In-service Withdrawal form (158 KB)

UNI9 Leaving Service form (187 KB)

UNI10 Withdrawal on Permanent Emigration form (69 KB)

UNI11 Serious Illness Withdrawal form (171 KB)

UNI12 Deferred Member Partial or Total Withdrawal form (157 KB)

UNI13 Deferred Member Regular Withdrawal Request form (190 KB)



Product disclosure statement (235 KB)

Trust deed June 2016 (5 MB)

Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (112 KB)

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